Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on . They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Do not use your email address as your username

    As the User, you accept sole liability for any content you post to the forums. You agree to indemnify and its team members against any and all costs, claims, damages, liability, legal fees, loss and other expenses we may incur resulting from your post(s) or other communications using the website. We expressly exclude any liability for damages or loss resulting from a breach of the Forum Rules. We retain the right to remove or block access to any material which we believe is in breach of the Forum Rules, at our sole discretion.

    Forum Rules

    When in doubt:
    Before you click the Submit button, ask, is it OK for:
    My MOM to see it?
    My kids to see it?
    My wife to see it?
    Can I show it at the dinner table?

    1. No personal attacks, Flaming, Trolling or Stalking.
    2. No politics or religion. Everything is political these days but Please refrain from starting or replying to posts that are controversial. IF it affects you personally and you feel the need to share Please be sensitive to everyone else. You always have the option of discussing it in PM's.
    3. No racism or sexism. Also applies to PM's and remember this isn't a dating site.
    4. Do not post Members personal details including but not limited to phone numbers, address, email, social media or websites without prior and explicit permission.
    5. Do not mention, post or discuss confidential conversations with other members. PM's are confidential conversations, discussing a seed trade is one thing but information from a PM should never be used as a weapon against a member.
    6. No obscene pics. Jokes can get dirty so use good judgement. Kids may be learning from us so keep it clean.
    7. No derailing of threads especially with negative comments.
    8. Do not respond if it upsets you, just scroll on. Don't ruin everyone's day because you're having a bad one.
    9. Threats will result in an immediate permaban.
    10. Do not cross post, post in the appropriate topic and wait for an answer. Someone will respond.
    11. The sale of seeds and gardening items is strictly forbidden unless it is done in the Vendor's Forum.

    These rules are based on common sense and will be lightly enforced. We are all adults, respect everyone even if you disagree.

    If a moderator or admin finds you have crossed the line, you'll get a warning or banned.
    The result is at the discretion of the moderating team. It can be from one month of not allowed to post or permanent, you decide when you click that mouse.

    Moderator Rules and Standards
    1.Moderators will try their best to let users know why their comments or threads are getting removed/locked. (not necessary if it is a serial spammer/troll) If you blast someone-you're a troll, don't expect a PM.

    2. Communicate with and support other moderators trying to reach an unbiased consensus before taking action.

    3. Delete topics as a last resort! Give warnings and remind people they can edit their post.

    4, If the whole topic is breaking the rules, delete it ASAP & send a PM.

    5. At Mods discretion, offensive material will be deleted without warning.

    6. If a few members are breaking the rules in a topic, give them a warning, inform them what rule they broke and have them edit the post. If they don't edit the post in a timely manner(10 minutes) delete that users post so the conversation can flow again without distractions.

    ***All deleted threads are kept as records and can be re-posted if we delete something by accident or a misunderstanding of the post/topic.

    User’s posts are their personal opinions do not represent the views of is not responsible for the content of forum posts, and does not certify any information on the forums as correct, worthy or accurate. You should treat any advice received under these considerations.

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    Your email address is not visible to other forum users unless you change the settings and allow it to be seen. If you disclose any contact details through the forums you do so at your own risk. does not accept any responsibility for the consequences of such disclosure.
    Tomatojunction team members can view your email address. This will be kept private, except if we are requested to provide this information by a duly authorized person or organization with the legal right to make such a request. – Registration

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