Winter Squash Week presentations

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Winter Squash Week presentations


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Mon Jan 25, 2021 7:29 pm

I got this notice today:

The Winter Vegetable Sagra continues tomorrow with WINTER SQUASH WEEK.

Join us January 25-29 for the Zucca Party with online presentations and live Q&As. Tune in each day at 10am PST/1:00 EST on the CBN YouTube channel...

Each session will be recorded and can be watched later, with the exception of Friday’s presentation so make sure to join us live that day!

Monday, Jan 25: “Winter squash background, diversity and breeding” with Cucurbit Breeder Michael Mazourek, Cornell University.

Tuesday, Jan 26: “Tetsukabuto, the wonder squash!” with Vegetable Specialist and Farmer, Alex Stone, Oregon State University.

Wednesday, Jan 27: “Cooking with Tetsukabuto” with Chef Lisa Horness

Thursday, Jan 28: “Tropical Pumpkin” with Glenn Teves, University of Hawaii; Linda Wessel Beaver, University of Puerto Rico; and Edmund Frost, Commonwealth Seed (Moderated by Jay Bost)

Friday, Jan 29: “Squash and Pumpkins in Art Through the Ages” with Alice Formiga, Oregon State University and eOrganic

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