Dr Martin Lima Beans

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Dr Martin Lima Beans


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Sat Oct 09, 2021 2:27 pm

I'm posting to share some photos of this extremely rare variety in case anyone is looking for ideas for 2022. I'd been wanting them for a few years and finally lucked out this season with a few seeds from two different sources, a SSE member and a few old Sand Hill seeds. Let me start by saying the vines are absolutely HUGE and they don't even start setting pods until the end of August in Zone 6b, but two 96 inch trellises buttressed by tall tomato cages to support the spillover vines of 5 plants have so far yielded about 300 enormous beans with hopefully more to come before frost. And the real surprise...they taste absolutely NOTHING like the limas from the grocery store. Dr Martin fresh shell limas boiled up and slathered in butter have a mild, delicate flavor that's absolutely additive with none of the "lima" aftertaste that I'm accustomed to. Next year I'll be trying again but perhaps starting them indoors and then transplanting to see if I can get them setting sooner.
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