In the heart of my cabbage-x, it's spring!

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In the heart of my cabbage-x, it's spring!


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Fri Feb 14, 2020 10:50 am

I found a few crosses in the Michihili cabbage seeds I saved and started for basement eats this winter. Two I decided were most interesting I am hoping to get seed to grow out. One is obviously a cross from Red Russian Kale, and the other a Bok Choy type. They started to bolt last week, and today I had no choice but to bring them upstairs where there's more window space - they just won't fit under my lights. Luckily we passed the 'ten hours of daylight' mark a few days ago, so they should be alright with true daylight hours alone. And it's sunny! :D
Here are a couple of pics of them from the days of their pristine youth. I've been eating the outer leaves since January. They got big, and a single leaf was enough to make a serving of salad. The red one has a rich mild taste like a dark romaine. The white has a slight mustardy nip. Both have big juicy and crunchy stems like the Michihili. I like this vegetable!
Not surprising that the BokChoy cross was the first to bolt. Much later than the real bok choy, though!
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