New tomato varieties that impressed me. Part 4. 2020

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New tomato varieties that impressed me. Part 4. 2020


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Sat Oct 17, 2020 8:14 pm

This is just a story on how a person can stumble onto a good variety of tomato. I had placed a tomato seed order late 3 years back. By the time seeds were delivered, I had already started my last wave of plants. I skipped over the 3 varieties contained in this order, for the next 2 years. In fact, I never opened the delivery envelope. I finally forced myself to try them, I feared germination may be declining. I had no idea the age of the seed, before they were shipped.  I've had a seed vendor ship me a wrong variety before. But it was the first time a vendor got all three varieties wrong. LOL.. My guess is, the vendor was filling two orders at the same time. And someone else got my seeds, and I got theirs. My yellow slicer came out red. My cherry tomato was a 12 ounce slicer. Which brings me to my F-1 Chef's Choice Orange. It was supposed to be a 9 to 12 ounce tomato.I got what is pictured below. I can't go onto the vendor store site and look at their selection pictures for a match. Because that site's store no longer exists. I have named this variety Chef's Unknown. I'll test grow some plants next year looking for morphs. I live in upper zone 7. Chef's Unknown bares 3 to 4 ounce tomatoes that are full flavored. The plants bear heavy for a long time. I only put 3 plants in the ground. I had to pick from those 3 plants every 3rd day, all season. Below in the Tupperware picture, is what I got on average, every 3 days. In the other picture, on the left styrofoam plate is Chef's Unknown. It is laid out with what is a comparable red variety's production, in the same plate. Easy to tell which is the more heavy producer. Those two pictures were taken over a month apart. Chef's Unknown has no blemishes, no cracks, and a wonderful table life. The entire tomato is eaten--never a scrap discarded. The plants max out at 6 feet, and are manageable. The only possible complaint I can list is fruit size.  Kinda bad that I poured out hours of research selecting around 30 new varieties to test grow. Some accidental mistake bested all my new variety selections for 2020.  PS. So much for my vast tomato knowledge, and research skills. LOL
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