What's your favorite pepper?

Discussion and tips for growing all types of peppers
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Re: What's your favorite pepper?


Post: # 34015Unread post karstopography
Sun Nov 15, 2020 4:07 am

I like Super Chili. Mine seemed to ripen almost all at once, which is desirable when I want to make a hot sauce. I made 3 different hot sauces this past season and the super chili based one was the consensus favorite. Super chili plants aren’t space hogs either, with a compact and productive little bushy growth habit.

I like the long thin cayenne peppers for flakes. Tabasco peppers are my fav for spicing up pickled okra. That 5 digit level of heat is generally plenty enough for me. Tabasco peppers thrive in hot and humid weather and keep on producing when some of the others fade due to excessive heat.
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Re: What's your favorite pepper?


Post: # 34048Unread post TomHillbilly
Sun Nov 15, 2020 10:46 pm

After reading all the posts. I think Poblano won the vote for most favored pepper. Perhaps that is why it is the most grown pepper in Mexico? I do think it is the most easy to grow for me.
1. I like Santa Fe Grande for a hot pepper. I can vein them, and eat them raw. Those with heat tolerance can eat the entire Fe Grande pepper, seeds and all. I use them for canning mostly. Most of the pepper rings you see on a store shelf, is the Grande peppers. Hungarian Wax has no heat consistency for me. I have grown them too hot to eat. Santa Fe has a more stable heat each year. Which is about half of a Hungarian Wax. I know-- I'm a heat wuss.
2. Sweet Pepper ? That would be a Sheepnose Pimento. Let them turn full red for flavor. Excellent in stir fry, and great every way you can imagine-- except stuffed.They are small with thick walls. Which means little cavity to stuff.
3. All purpose peppers ?? That would be Sweet Golden Maroni, and Poblano. Both are a work horse for me.
PS-- I've accepted the fact that I'm not a good bell pepper grower. I grow many bell pepper plants that perform well for the friends.
I grow them also, but generally I'm ashamed of my production compared to theirs. I found it odd no one mentioned Cubanelle. It is a easy to grow-- highly productive ?

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Re: What's your favorite pepper?


Post: # 34108Unread post Shule
Mon Nov 16, 2020 9:44 pm

Have you tried shredded wood mulch or black plastic? I read that peppers like black plastic, and I know from experience they like shredded wood mulch.
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Re: What's your favorite pepper?


Post: # 34205Unread post kath
Wed Nov 18, 2020 6:57 pm

Oranos F1 was a very tasty sweet orange winner this year but a bit stingy compared to Cornito Giallo F1, which is my favorite sweet yellow. Cornito Rosso F1 beat Palanacko Cudo this year for taste and production but attracts lots of stinkbugs. Jaluv an Attitude meets all of my hot pepper needs, is very prolific and doesn't crack when it ripens.

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