Potato Patch

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Re: Potato Patch


Post: # 44428Unread post Bower
Wed Apr 07, 2021 7:38 pm

One thing for sure, whatever spud you harvest will be worth bags of supermarket potatoes, for the taste alone. :)
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Re: Potato Patch


Post: # 44480Unread post GoDawgs
Fri Apr 09, 2021 5:43 am

Yours are farther along than the ones here which were planted March 11. It's almost time to start watching for the danged Colorado potato beetles. They show up here around mid-late April. Last year the first one was noticed on April 29 but fortunately last year there weren't many at all. Go figure.

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Re: Potato Patch


Post: # 44482Unread post karstopography
Fri Apr 09, 2021 7:27 am

My Yukon Gold are blooming, this I know from the purple blooms with egg yolk centers. From what I have read, it’s another 6 weeks or so to harvest. Looks like some of the others are budding. Read something about leaving on blooms/fruit versus pulling them off and effects on production. Doesn’t seem to a hard and fast rule, blooms and fruiting might lower tuber productivity, but the flowers are pretty so they are staying. I’m committed to not get any new potatoes, but let the plants go to maturity and die before harvesting.

Haven’t had much sign of pests. Interestingly, some large red ants, either leaf cutting ants or red harvester ants, have set up shop in the potato patch. They haven’t cut up the leaves, but crawl over them so maybe they are the harvester type.
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Re: Potato Patch


Post: # 44483Unread post brownrexx
Fri Apr 09, 2021 7:36 am

They look nice @karstopography I just bought my seed potatoes yesterday. I will not plant until mid May but I was worried about shortages and it turned out to be right. They were already sold out of the 2 red varieties as well as Yukon Gold and Katadin. Luckily I wanted Kennebec and they still had a few bags. I asked about yellow and she had about 10 bags of Keuka in the back. I never heard of Keuka but it was developed at Cornell and is similar to Yukon Gold. It also has some scab resistance and tolerant to periods of uneven water so I am excited to try it.

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