Determinates segregating from commercial hybrids

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Determinates segregating from commercial hybrids


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Mon Mar 23, 2020 10:26 pm


Still off season here. Starting to sow tomatoes in April. Will grow the F2 from my very first crosses this season. :D

I have been saving seeds from some commercial hybrids (Luciebell - red and Katiebell - yellow). As F1, they were relatively small growing indeterminates, healthy, open growth habbit with very good flavor. ”Baby plums”, cherry tomatoes. They are part of Rainbow Blend together with Lizziebell (orange) and Flamingo (pink). Lucie and Katie have segregating to determinates (or semi determinates). Lizzie and Flamingo have stayed indeterminate. It is the growth habit of Lucie and Katie Fn that I woud like to discuss here.

They bloom like nothing I have seen before. Basically, all suckers from sertain hight upwards are just flowers. I removed these inflorescence ”suckers” accidentially when the Lucie (Fn) started self pruning first time - the plant re-grew them (seconday inflorescence?). Next season I was more careful and didn’t remove them anymore.

I have learned that there can be tomatoes that have too many flowers and fruits in the plant. Most flowers are fertail and develop into fruit. The growth habbit reminds me of Sprite (with some more bloom and fruits). The inflorescence structure is ”normal” (not multi-flower). Small plants are more productive than the original F1’s. I have lost some of the original good flavor and I have some splitting.

For me, the plants looked relatively tall for an determinate (maybe 1,5 m or little more). I have crossed some with determinates (e.g. Lime Green Salad) and F1’s have been shorter. The Lime cross will not go forward because it had a major splitting problem, probably from both parents.

I have read about supressor genes of sp (like ssp or sft) which makes determinates taller. Some may cause increased blooming at heterozygotize form. But I think my determinates are just normal sp’s. The height could be explained by inter-node distance which reminds typical indeterminate.

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Re: Determinates segregating from commercial hybrids


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Thu Mar 26, 2020 8:28 pm

Hi Pippin! I've done some crosses with determinates and indets as well, and I also saw that you can get quite a tall growth habit due to internode length as you said. Also I got many mixed patterns in the growth habits, as to the number of leaves between clusters etc. There seem to be a number of genetic elements in growth habit besides sp.
Would love to see some pics of your plants when the season gets going. :)
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