greens for hot summer?

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Re: greens for hot summer?


Post: # 41652Unread post mama_lor
Mon Feb 22, 2021 2:08 am

Not sure it counts as a leafy green, but I'll second the chinese long beans. They will do well in hot summers.

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Re: greens for hot summer?


Post: # 41655Unread post Whwoz
Mon Feb 22, 2021 5:12 am

[quote=Tormato post_id=41523 time=1613856510 user_iNew Zealand spinach (great heat tolerance, takes a month to germinate, tastes somewhat like spinach, it sprawls).

Just be careful how much Warrigal greens aka New Zealand spinach you eat raw. It is a native Australian coastal plant, as well as being found in New Zealand and is reported to contain some oxalic acid. Have seen recommendations for eating raw or cooked

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Re: greens for hot summer?


Post: # 41658Unread post GoDawgs
Mon Feb 22, 2021 7:43 am

Collards and kale. They're supposed to be cool weather greens but I have experimented with letting my fall-planted (late August-September) collards and kale grow into mid summer in 90 degree temps. They fared well in full sun but weren't as sweet as they are in the fall and early spring. I usually set out new plants in March because the fall plants start looking a bit tired. By end of June I'm tired of eating them so out they come. Set on the north side of a house they might fare even better in summer.

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Re: greens for hot summer?


Post: # 41675Unread post AZGardener
Mon Feb 22, 2021 11:55 am

Greens that survive in the heat for me are Lacinato Kale, Scarlet Kale, Bright Lights Chard, Celery with some shade, Egyptian Spinach, and Blue Tree Collards,.
I've grown Malabar and New Zealand spinach but I don't care for either, but they will take the heat.
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Re: greens for hot summer?


Post: # 42152Unread post fluffy_gumbo
Mon Mar 01, 2021 8:52 am

I think edible amaranth can take the heat, you might try growing some herbs like shiso that could add some greens and flavors to your dishes. But I tend to avoid growing leafy greens where I am since the bugs and pests are crazy!
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Re: greens for hot summer?


Post: # 44078Unread post habitat-gardener
Thu Apr 01, 2021 1:45 pm

At the plant sale I participated in, I traded for these summer greens:
Doucette d'Alger, which is related to mache
Minutina, which is related to plantain (Plantago sp.)

I already have a bed of
perennial kale (tree collards)
dazzling blue kale

and am also planning to grow
Nancy Malone Wheat purple collards
Alabama blue collards
Lady Murasaki mustard spinach (purple komatsuna)
Jewels of Opar
various other kales and lettuces

I will make a point of trying the greens of
long beans
sweet potatoes

(too bad I don't like any greens in the Chenopod family. At my neighbor's community garden plot, with no care all winter and only drip irrigation in the summer, there is a flourishing bed of chard! Amaranth grows like a weed! I can handle spinach mixed in with other foods in small amounts.)

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Re: greens for hot summer?


Post: # 44079Unread post habitat-gardener
Thu Apr 01, 2021 1:46 pm

I was just reading that kale doesn't bolt if it has not gone through a cold spell. So if I start kale seedlings now, I may be able to have kale all summer (on the shady side of the house)!

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Re: greens for hot summer?


Post: # 44087Unread post Bower
Thu Apr 01, 2021 3:57 pm

I need to try collards. We also generally hit a point in the season where it's too hot for the usual greens (believe it or not!).

My mom hates the chenopodium greens as well. She won't even try the sugar beet greens. I found that I actually like Chard when made into a quick pickle. Stuck in the fridge and ready to serve as a side to just about anything. I really like it. CW I am not too enthused about fresh chard even when it's the only green going. It sits there and doesn't get eaten. I do like the sugar beet greens though. Good enough for the thing that grows without effort.
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Re: greens for hot summer?


Post: # 44101Unread post pepperhead212
Thu Apr 01, 2021 7:59 pm

I have tried Malabar and New Zealand spinaches, as well as several Chenopodium species, and nothing impressed me with any of those, except the heat resistance. The brassicas I like best, but most don't like heat! However, some komatsuna is fairly heat resistant, and senposai - a cross of komatsuna and cabbage - will sometimes grow into August for me, before going to seed. I never really tried succession planting, but maybe it will last longer this way - I just keep cutting the perimeter leaves, and they keep growing! Swiss chard is another good one - though it slows down in the extreme heat, it comes back quickly, later in August around here.
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