Rope wick for SWC

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Rope wick for SWC


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Thu Jun 10, 2021 4:42 am

I have had some type of self watering containers made with expanded clay aggregate on the bottom and the soil separated with landscape fabric. These have been working fine for years, but this year I changed all soil to new one and wanted an easier to clean design. The roots keep growing through the fabric to the clay pebbles and it is in the end full of old and new roots.
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We had same diameter but shallower containers around, which my DH had been using for starting tree seedlings. He did not need those anymore, so I stacked them inside the deeper ones to make the self watering containers. Since the polypropylene braided rope worked so well in small scale for the wick watering of African Violets, I wondered if thicker rope would work for the bigger containers.

I have now 10 of these built and planted in my greenhouse. If the wicking does not work, I may have to water from the top and try to change the design for next year. So far it looks good, but I did top watering after planting a week ago, so it is hard to say if these do work like intended.
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