Black Cowpea

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Black Cowpea


Post: # 20017Unread post Panspermia
Fri May 15, 2020 1:35 pm

Planted today. Black seeded type that I got from Sandhill simply called Cow. I grew these in 2018 on teepees like a pole bean.

Incredibly prolific and tender with a mild flavor. The best cowpea I have ever eaten.
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Re: Black Cowpea


Post: # 20026Unread post JohnJones
Fri May 15, 2020 3:19 pm

I've always loved Pinkeye Purple Hulls, but I'm really expanding my Cowpea game this year.

Picked up seed from a few varieties at an Ag Experiment Station near home in the Fall of last year. I'm growing Mississippi PEPH, Brown Crowder, Calico Crowder, Big Boy, Yellow Ripper and Rouge et Noir.

The last one, Rouge et Noir, is a Louisiana heirloom that produces green pods with peas that are red as they mature and turn jet black if allowed to fully mature and dry. The plants I pulled my seed from where massive so I'm hoping it does well here and is as tasty as it's appearance is beautiful.

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Re: Black Cowpea


Post: # 20043Unread post GoDawgs
Fri May 15, 2020 7:23 pm

I've been growing Red Rippers for five years now and also did Big Boy for three of those years. Both did really well but I dropped Big Boy due to space problems and have kept on with the Red Ripper which is very prolific and rambunctious. This year I'm trying Colossus in a raised bed (with fence support to keep it in bounds) to see how it does and the Rippers will be planted later in July in the corn rows after the stalks are pulled.

I have tried Knucklehull before as it was supposed to be nematode resistant but it didn't tickle my fancy like the Rippers.

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Re: Black Cowpea


Post: # 22279Unread post friedgreen51
Thu Jun 11, 2020 8:42 pm

I am growing Pink Eye Purple Hulls, a long time favorite. Also trying Mississippi Purple Hull this year. They are both up and growing.

If I can get a day without rain, I will plant a vining cow pea that I plant every year, called September Peas. My Dad grew these for over 50 years and I have been keeping the seed going. He use to plant them in the corn rows after he harvested the corn and let them vine up the corn stalks. You plant them anytime between June 1 and July 1 here in central NC (zone 7b) and they will be ready to pick in September, hence the name September Peas. They climb up my 5 foot fencing and are prolific. They are a small brown pea that is delicious.

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