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Post: # 38007Unread post Whwoz
Sun Jan 10, 2021 1:31 am

One advantage I have is no deer, seems like they cause a lot of problems for some of you. Yes, sweet potatoes grow well on a trellis, but they need to threaded through it as they don't naturally climb.

Sports injuries have caused me to spend nearly half a year on crutches, all up so good luck and keep up the physio afterwards, something it sounds like you are well familiar with

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Re: The Dawg Patch


Post: # 38022Unread post GoDawgs
Sun Jan 10, 2021 9:57 am

I have had deer munch a few sweet potato leaves before but not much. The deer seem to invade the garden when the rest of the world is still in the brown of winter and they spy green stuff in the garden. As the pasture next to the garden greens up or when they encounter netting tunnels over their favorite brassicas ("The buffet is closed"), they move on. By the time sweet potatoes go in (early May here), the deer are pretty much a non-issue.

About two years ago there was a successful trial with one trellised sweet potato hill. After planting the row I had one slip left over, couldn't bear tossing it and put up one 4' wide trellis at the end of a bed. :roll: It worked well and I had fun training the vines through the trellis, trying to make a pattern until the vines got rambunctious and just took over, obliterating the pattern. :D
The yield from that one hill was great so this year I'm going larger scale with that; 10 or 11 hills down the middle of one 18' bed. I should be able to plant other stuff down the sides, maybe flowers.

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