Green house is finally up and running

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Re: Green house is finally up and running


Post: # 44817Unread post MissS
Tue Apr 13, 2021 8:25 am

This was a great video because you actually were teaching your viewers something. How to prune! I love it because it is a hard thing to explain to people how to do this and you made it very easy.

When I was 12, my grandfather had 300 tomato plants in his garden. He was busy at work and decided to have his 4 granddaughters prune the tomato plants for him. The only problem was that he did not explain it very well at all to us. He told us to prune this kind of leaf and leave these leaves, he gave us each a pruner and left us in the patch. The only problem was that none of us could tell the difference between and leaves. We just pruned at will each of us to our own devise. I still wonder how many blossoms were pruned and what those plants would have looked like if they were done properly. Needless to say, he never bought that many plants again or had his granddaughters prune them. It's too bad that he didn't have Danny on YouTube to show us just what to do.
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Re: Green house is finally up and running


Post: # 44823Unread post Cajun-Hydroponics
Tue Apr 13, 2021 10:19 am

Lol a Danny YT show.

That is a great story. No matter what happened with the tomatoes I bet he told thatstory with pride and a smile. When the kids help. Especially the lil dude. I try not to fuss. Unless he is using the trellis system for the raised beds as a jungle gym. Lol. I showed my wife and all the kids the same technique to figure out what to prune. But the main thing is leaving everything from the tip a hand down not to prune. That way if they mess up the plant will still grow.

In the shed wars game on YT its required to share a tip when we use a hash tag. I was really surprised by how many gardeners still had issues of knowing what to prune.

The main thing I would like to do in my videos is have a tip. Or if people ask me questions to take the time to answer as best as possible.

Rajun Gardener and many other people have helped me learn to grow better over the last 8 to 10 years. They have never asked for anything in return for sharing what they know. So it only seems fair to do the same.

I have made many friends I have made on TY and many forums. That we talk about garden things all the time. Ideas and plans come from all the talk. But the best is the friendships made

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